Alzheimer’s & High Care

Alzheimer’s & High Care

A Case Study: Aged Care – Managing Your Assets With Advanced Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Robin came to see us as her husband Dan’s health was deteriorating rapidly and she needed to get him into a care facility. He also had advanced Alzheimer’s disease. We assist Robin in finding a place that was suitable for them both to be together as a couple. Robin planned to sell the family home to fund the move into a special Alzheimer’s care facility.

Robin is of sound mind and was to be sharing a room with her husband in an Alzheimer’s unit. We asked Robin if we can talk with her husband’s Doctor and found that he was of the opinion that Dan did not have much time left.

We ask Robin to wait a month before committing to the sale of her house to give her some time to consider her options. Sadly Dan passed on within 2 weeks of this assessment by his Doctor. Although Robin is very sad at the passing of her husband she is also very relieved that she is not living in an Alzheimer’s unit and that in those very stressful last days she had professional advice and support whilst making such major life decisions.

Considering Aged Care for any reason can be a very difficult time balancing emotional & health needs of those going into care and other family members. When you combine these things with the major financial decisions which must be made it is reassuring to have a professional Financial Planner to help navigate the path and advise the right direction to take.

If you are unsure as to the next steps for yourself or your family members please don’t hesitate to call us.