Julia Blenkhorn

Principal Financial Adviser

Do you want to live a life by design or by default?
Let’s create the life you want.

I create compelling financial strategies to support you through every turning point of life, enabling you to achieve your goals securely. The most exciting thing about what I do is taking people to a place they didn’t think was possible. Right now how does your life look? Are you financially ready to begin the next chapter in your journey?

Are you:

  • Just married or looking to buy your first home?
  • Starting a family?
  • Wanting to buy an investment property?
  • Recently retrenched?
  • Recently widowed or divorced?
  • Approaching retirement?
  • Empty nesters?
  • Just left home & want to learn how to manage your money?
  • Running an SME?
  • Or about to launch a business?

My great passion is empowering women & families. Combining good strategic planning with education. Let’s enrich your life as well as your wallet. I make it easier for you to have financial freedom & security whether you’re a professional woman or stay at home mum.

Let me and my team take the stress out of managing your household income or your day to day expenses – particularly for small business owners. We have a simple tool to analyse where you are currently spending and then we demonstrate how you could do it with more opportunity to grow your wealth.

I really enjoy making a difference in my client’s financial journey. Give me a call today to see how I may be able to help you.

Contact Julia

Phone: (02) 9997 7007
Email: julia@blenkhorn.com.au


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Julia has been great to have working with us! We have had some large life changes and really needed to work collaboratively with a great team and this is them! I look forward to working towards our future plans and am really pleased with the great customer service and advice that we have been receiving. If anyone would like to discuss my experiences with Julia and or Blenkhorn & Associates, please feel free to contact me on 0433 400 139.

Belinda G